What We Do

Wise Decisions

We believe that it is not possible to set up a future-proof corporation while not making sustainability the highest priority of your optimization process. 

This core belief will always be integral to the solutions we provide to our partners, regardless of the specific service you might require. 


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Optimize Your Future

Supply Chain Optimization

Global supply chains are becoming more complex every day. Changing manufacturing landscapes, shipping rates, and political sanctions make it hard to get a holistic overview of logistical processes and to create long-lasting solutions.

We help you optimize your supply chain by analyzing your current setup and by developing flexible and scalable solutions to your biggest logistical challenges. Some of our most common use cases include:

  • Finding new supplier options and redesigning your procurement processes
  • Creating a flexible and feasible fulfillment plan for your products
  • Redesigning your entire supply chain based on your overall corporate strategy

Organizational Development

Growing a business is harder than it sounds. Traditional organizational structures, sometimes grown over many years, suddenly reach their limits. As a startup, it is challenging to figure out where to even begin.

We help you grow sustainably and maintain a healthy organizational structure. Some of our most common use cases include:

  • Creating a new organizational structure that can grow with demand
  • Redesigning your organizational processes for digitization and automation
  • Restructuring your organization by helping you implement new work concepts

Strategy Consulting

A corporate strategy fulfills many different tasks within an organization. It has to serve as a guide for management decisions and it has to be flexible enough to guide leadership through unforeseeable circumstances. Your team members should identify themselves with your vision and your partners should see value in helping you fulfill your goals.

We use modern workshop concepts and design thinking tools to help you with your company’s strategy. Some of our most common use cases include:

  • Creating a vision and a mission for your product or organization
  • Identifying trends, challenges and opportunities related to your business model
  • Providing you with predictions and recommendations for your financial, recruiting, and marketing plans

Other Products and Services

In addition to our consulting services, we are developing our own products and support our partners by directly managing their supply chain. 

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