Our team combines the perspectives from various fields and industries to provide a holistic analysis of your endeavor. Sometimes, we might not know enough, though. For this reason, we are building a network of excelent partners, who support us with their expert knowledge!

Partner Overview

Meet Our Community

Software Engineering

CODUX Technologies

CODUX develops bespoke software solutions for industrial applications as well as digital sales channels for upcoming brands.

They are not only experts in web development, but they also create software for production machines and automated manufacturing lines.

Enterprise Tools & Sustainability


IDOONA develops enterprise software that allows institutions to track their sustainability efforts and ecological footprint.

By using gamification principles and well-structured dashboards, they aim to become the leading sustainability platform for international businesses.

Skin Care & Beauty Products


Nyssa produces vegan, cruelty-free, as well as organic skin care and beauty products. Based on the hibiscus plant, their creams aim to heal and rejuvenate your skin.

Nyssa’s skin care products do not use artificial stimulators, botulinum toxins, collagens, paraffins or silicones.

Legal Cannabis Products

Rolling Stoners Club

The Rolling Stoners Club is a global community for legal cannabis businesses and industry enthusiasts.

Among other things, they offer a currated box of high-quality rolling papers and filter tips from around the world. Consumers can select their preferences to customize their box!

Carpooling & Mobility


Twenzao is a carpooling platform, where private car owners offer empty seats in their cars and passengers travelling in the same direction book these seats for a small fee.

Twenzao is currently operational in Tanzania, with the goal of expanding to the rest of the African continent.