Growing a new business is harder than it sounds and traditional organizational structures, sometimes grown over many years, suddenly reach their limits.

We help you grow sustainably and maintain a healthy organizational structure!

Perfect For Medium Sized Companies & Global Players

Optimize Your Organization

System Analysis

We analyze your organization and create an overview of the status-quo. In order to do so, we will hold various workshops and do extensive employee interviews.

Our goal is to create a summary of all relevant perspectives that identifies all potential bottlenecks. Like with a vehicle inspection, we will document the results for you.

New Work

Based on the analysis of your company, we will provide you with detailed improvement proposals based on New Work principles.

Our team knows how to use as well as how to implement agile processes, flat hierarchies, modern working times, remote work processes (e.g. home office), creative meeting methods, and Design Thinking.

Continual Improvement

We believe that there is no perfect system and that continual improvement is paramount to any organization aiming to be successful in the future.

Therefore, we continue to support your business once a new structure has been implemented. We share important findings and interesting best practices regularly!

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“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”
Mark Twain
Unknown Occasion

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Our Process

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Step 1

Learning About Your Project

Every project is unique. Before talking about a specific agreement, we will therefore start with a short kick-off meeting. These meetings are usually held online, take roughly one hour, and will always be free of charge!

Step 2

Scoping Workshop

If we like your project, we will schedule a complimentary scoping workshop. During the workshop, we want to find out the current status of your project, the next steps, and the core of your motivation.

Step 3

Service Proposal

Finally, we will summarize the workshop results and present a service proposal. This will include all the ways we can support your project, the respective service fees, and an overview of the our relevant partners.

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