When the idea for Meemyr came up, it was important to the founding team that the conduct of the company as well as of each team member would reflect the standards we set for ourselves.

Company Values & Culture

Our mission is to introduce people around the world to amazing products whilst emphasizing sustainability and innovation. We know we can only achieve this through an honest, efficient, and professional service.

It all starts with a customer oriented mindset. We approach every endeavor with integrity and determination. We promote a diverse and inclusive culture that is built on respect, trust, and mutual appreciation.

At Meemyr, we do not perform as individuals but we make a difference as a whole.

Demonstrating Integrity

If you find yourself in a conflict situation analyze the gravity of the situation. You should check if the actions you are witnessing are aligned with our Company Policies, Culture and Values. Furthermore, always remember to see if any party involved in the situation is feeling uncomfortable or in danger. Always handle the situation with care and always seek help from a superior or report the incident to our Equal Opportunity Council. If you are affected by the situation remember, you are always welcome to seek professional guidance and counselling afterwards.

Should someone else approach you about a conflict situation they have witnessed always remember to make time right away. Listen! The person who has approached you could be in danger, harassed or feeling emotionally uncomfortable. Avoid being distracted and listen carefully to the situation. Understand why the person is feeling uncomfortable and remember to act only in discretion and protect their confidentiality.

Create a safe environment first and then seek help or report the incident.

Partner Information

At Meemyr, we believe in confidentiality. We take privacy, data protection and company confidentiality very seriously. We apply GDPR standards to make sure we fully protect the information we hold. We never chat about commercial or company information with competitors or anyone for that matter, even if they are friends. There are better things to talk about with friends and we usually stick to those.

Our main objective while providing a service is to ensure that the service we provide is ethical, efficient, honest and fair. We value building trust by being authentic and by never having a reason to fear transparency. Further, we believe that we only provided a service fully when we have created value for our customers and helped them create value for theirs.

We know that data is not just numbers, it is your personal information.

Governments & Communities

We have one planet and it is everyone’s job to protect it. At Meemyr, we believe in business that functions in harmony with our environment, communities and governments. We take responsibility for our role in the global society, the world’s environment and the local communities we interact with. We ensure that the materials we use are ethically sourced and environmentally sound. Our agenda for sustainability is an essential part of our strategy to meet customer challenges and local market needs.

Corruption, tax evasion and bribery in all forms contradict values of democracy, governance and law in countries where we do business. We stick to the Global Anti Bribery Corruption Policy and make sure that our business practices are not corrupt.

Each Other

Respect, support and understanding are the very foundations of collaboration and working together. Every one of us has the right to feel safe and secure at work. Therefore, we treat every person with dignity and respect. Meemyr will offer and maintain a safe working environment regardless of geographic location.

As a part of our commitment to having a diverse and inclusive workplace, we have zero tolerance towards discrimination, harassment and bullying. We are committed to identifying, mitigating and preventing Human Rights abuses in our business, operations and the communities in which we operate.

Partners & Representatives

We have a responsibility to ensure that our company’s books and records are accurate, that information we learn while performing our work is used properly, and that we treat information with great care. Our clients have some exceptional ideas and our highest priority is to protect those ideas and respect the intellectual property. We work with suppliers who meet our own high standards of conduct and provide the best value for our investments and partners.

We work with a mindset that motivates us to deliver timely, accurate and clear information.

Upholding These Standards

Every Meemyr employee must read, understand, and comply with these standards, and the policies, laws and regulations that apply to our job. We must make sure to speak up when we face violations of these standards as well as to always stay truthful and cooperate fully in any internal investigations.

The Code of Conduct is fully endorsed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and Meemyr’s management are responsible for making sure compliance with these standards is upheld and regularly analyzed for improvement.