Our mission is to introduce people around the world to amazing products whilst emphasizing sustainability and innovation.

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Our founding team met at Jacobs University Bremen over ten years ago, and we have stayed close friends ever since. Back in 2010, however, we had no idea that we would found a company together some day. After all, we began the rest of our lives by chasing various traditional career paths in an effort to find our places in the world.


We quickly learned that it was much easier to come up with a good idea than it was to actually get anybody to implement a good idea. The leadership of our employer organizations often discouraged progress and tended to promote outdated, or sometimes even harmful, business practices. On top of that, many of the companies we worked with were neither set up sustainably nor were they morally conscious.


After a few years, we collectively realized that our jobs were not fulfilling, and that they even became increasingly frustrating. While our frustrations all had different reasons, we agreed that we had to change something. We talked about our ideas and realized that our diverse set of experiences could be pooled into one company.


It was important to us that our new company would operate according to our core beliefs, and we were happy to confirm that we believed the same things to be important. We agreed that our products and services would always be designed and implemented based on principles of sustainability, continual improvement, and social equity.


In 2020, we founded Meemyr with a focus on innovation consulting and product launches. Our team unites many years of experience in the fields of corporate finance, organizational development, product marketing, supply chain management, and product development. We use this pool of diverse experiences to provide you with a collection of unique perspectives.

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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
Henry Ford
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Our Process

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Step 1

Learning About Your Project

Every project is unique. Before talking about a specific agreement, we will therefore start with a short kick-off meeting. These meetings are usually held online, take roughly one hour, and will always be free of charge!

Step 2

Scoping Workshop

If we like your project, we will schedule a complimentary scoping workshop. During the workshop, we want to find out the current status of your project, the next steps, and the core of your motivation.

Step 3

Service Proposal

Finally, we will summarize the workshop results and present a service proposal. This will include all the ways we can support your project, the respective service fees, and an overview of the our relevant partners.

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Our Team

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Amin Suleiman

Master of Ships

Görkem Ercan

Master of Whisperers

Niklas Starossom

Master of Coin

Tom Suberg

Master of Alchemy

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